IRW - brings shopfitting, mannequins and design together

Our office is located in the direct vicinity of the Centro Oberhausen. From here we provide services for customers in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg and our partner Parabello in Switzerland. We ensure the smooth coordination on schedule between our production facilities in Vilnius and our customers throughout the whole world.



Excellent performance and modern

Our suppliers are IDW DISPLAY and METAWOOD. At IDW DISPLAY more than 280 of total 1080 employees manufacture mannequins and torsos. A further 800 employees work at METAWOOD factory which is specialized in building shop furniture and shopfitting elements made of metal, wood and plexiglass. IDW DISPLAY has been operating a showroom in New York since 2009. A worldwide distribution network ensures a presence on five continents in 31 countries.


We give you our support in distinguishing yourselves from competitors by means of unique creative concepts - with comprehensive services which range from consultation and design to product development and manufacturing up to logistics and installation. Our recipe for success lies in the principle of custom built products and individual service for each and every customer. In addition, there is a consistently environmentally friendly approach to products, packaging and manufacturing. We are already implementing standards which will be binding in the future.

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