Always trendy

Highest quality is best achieved by means of your own production facilities. The location for manufacturing IDW mannequins is in Europe, in the EU, in the Lithuanian capital city Vilnius and it is therefore only 20 kilometers from the geographical center of Europe. More than 280 employees work in production there in 2 shifts, 7 days a week.  


The 15 sculptors and sculptresses in the studio have the necessary creative flair to recognize trends or to set them themselves. 18 designers and technicians ensure that their conceptional designs become reality. As raw material we use polystyrene, a material which makes all finishings and structurings from transparent to frosted up to dyed possible. 


We attach great importance to the environmental friendliness of our products. The mannequins can be recycled to100%. Furthermore we use innovative technologies such as for example a nano-technological coloration, in order to increase the durability and quality as well as the environmental compatibility of our products. Of course we also offer you a comprehensive program of standard mannequins. Our focus is however consciously set on custom-built mannequins


Together with you we develop mannequins which meet your requirements and directly pick up the latest trends. Sculptors and designers, engineers and technicians work hand in hand in order to realize creative solutions. You are cordially invited to join us on site as the best results are achieved through direct contacts. 



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