23.04.2020 | Mannequins for Kids - Part 3

Mika likes the outer space.

Mika (6) shows us that you can use mannequins not only for presenting clothes. It is also an excellent canvas.


Mika likes the colour blue and has painted the mannequin completely in dark blue.


"It was pretty cool to paint with so much blue paint," says Mika.


The highlights of Mika’s piece of art are the special accents that can be found on the whole mannequin. Mika likes the outer space and has turned the mannequin into a space adventure. With stars, spaceships and aliens.


Mika said: "I have painted the girl as the outer space. The outer space is great and I am very interested in it. I know a lot about it. On her back I painted our solar system. On the belly and the arm a UFO and Martian. There's a lot more to discover in outer space. Maybe I'll be an explorer later and find out a lot of unexplored space.


That sounds like an explorer with a lot of creativity.


To be continued ...