20.05.2020 | Mannequins for Kids- Part 8

Pretty best friends

Right at the first meeting Mila (11) and her mannequin, Tavara, were pretty much best friends. First, Tavara was dressed and got a pink leggings and a blue t-shirt with flowers and an inscription "Good Vibes", which reflects Mila's mood.


Mila continued with painting the face of Tavara in a very artistically and professionally way. Mila decided that less is more and limited herself to blonde hair, blue eyes, red lips and discreet freckles.


Mila told us that she had a lot of fun with Tavara, that she will miss her and that she would always like to take part in such an event.


Despite the very subdued situation around the world due to COVID19, Mila have managed to create a good atmosphere and another work of art for our action "Mannequins for Kids".


To be continued...