29.04.2020 | Mannequins for Kids - Part 4

Greta┬┤s Ladybug

Greta (5) immediately had pictures of the Eifel Tower in her head, because the big theme in the 1st kindergarten quarter was "Paris". She pondered for quite a while about how she could artistically design her mannequin to realize her ideas in her head.


While shopping with Mama Silke the little artist had her final idea.


"Now I've got it! My character will be Ladybug, because Ladybug lives in Paris. I'll paint the Eiffel Tower on her back," shot it out of Greta when the shopping was safely stowed away.


No sooner said than done and it went straight to the design of the mannequin.


"Greta loves artists, painting, designing, handicrafts, gluing etc. That's why the idea with the mannequins came at just the right time", Silke tells us.


Greta's Ladybug has turned out super, and our artist must surely dream of being able to present her artwork to her superhero Ladybug in person some day.


To be continued...