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Mannequins & Torsos

Environmentally conscious quality from Europe.

Sustainability, flexibility, short lead times and a feeling for design – our mannequins made by IDW set standards for the POS of the future.


Mannequins with sustainability in their hearts.

You can choose your mannequin from over 60 standard collections in color of your choice, covered with papier-mâché, finished with fabric or many other individual surfaces. Our products are made in Europe and meet all criteria of a modern, sustainable and durable mannequin.

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Our 100 % recyclable mannequins are manufactured exclusively at IDW in the Lithuanian capital Vilnius, the geographical centre of Europe. High-quality mannequins are produced in polystyrene using the blow molding process with no minimum order quantities at fair conditions. Short production and delivery times guarantee a fast realization without time- and cost-intensive import from Asia.

Sustainable, modern, flexible and fast – Mannequins made by IDW.


Using the latest 3D technology and through our experienced sculptors, we develop modern and sustainable mannequins with and for our customers. Designers and technicians ensure that your designs become reality. High-quality metal moulds are created by the production’s own mould construction department, which ensures large production quantities of the best quality.

Classic meets modern – we combine handwork with modern 3D printing technology


With high-performance logistics partners, we ensure just-in-time deliveries on schedule and at short notice. With our own storage capacities in Germany, we create process-oriented logistics solutions for our customers.

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Mannequins with sustainability in their hearts.

We are one of the world’s leading suppliers of sustainable mannequins. With our raw material Polystyrene from BASF, we offer 100% recyclable mannequins. Waste and scrap are a thing of the past for us. All polystyrene waste is automatically returned to the production cycle. Up to 40% of a new mannequin is already made from recycled polystyrene. The addition of EcoPure accelerates the biodegradation process of our material many times over. Short transport routes, the use of state-of-the-art means of transport and FSC-certified packaging also ensure a reduction in our carbon footprint.


We bring together what belongs together.

  • short delivery time
  • sustainable products
  • European production
  • no minimum order quantities
  • just-in-time
  • extensive standard collections
  • mannequins in your desired surface
  • development of your individual mannequin
  • worldwide logistics

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